Home maintenance checklist by month- Proper seasonal maintenance is important for protecting your investment in your waterfront home. Maintaining your lakefront or oceanfront home should be done on a regular schedule; there are checklists you should follow for each season. Taking care of some maintenance tasks as winter wanes is essential if you are looking forward to a carefree spring in your waterfront home.

Maintain the inside of your waterfront property by completing seasonal tasks like deep cleaning your entryways. As winter winds down, cleaning and decluttering your entryways is a must. This chore is important because you get to clear away winter clutter like coats and boots and hats, making it easier to see any dirt, road salt/sand, and snowmelt that has created a mess. Once the clutter is gone, you can mop the floor. You will also be able to check your door for drafts; this is key because you might find that new weatherstripping is needed, or that you need to replace the door, to eliminate drafts.

Inspect your attic now, too. Winter wind and frost can impact your waterfront home a great deal, the signs of which can often be found in the attic. You might discover roof leaks, mold build-up, poor/lacking insulation, and/or inadequate ventilation. Fixing these issues now is the only way forward if you want to avoid the problems getting worse. And if you address the problems now, you will be able to enjoy the spring more easily.

Another chore to do now is to clean your windows and inspect them for drafts. Though you should do this from the inside and outside, you might prefer to wait until slightly warmer days to complete the outside cleaning and inspection. An aesthetic benefit of cleaning the grime from your windows is that it brightens your space and spring feels a little bit closer. If you find your windows to be drafty, you can reseal them or replace them as you might have done for your doors.

Outside home maintenance of your waterfront home is also crucial. For instance, your gutters and downspouts could be clogged or backed-up with debris and ice. Checking for clogs and clearing them will allow you to examine their attachment to the house; if the weight of any ice has caused your gutters to detach from your house, you will be able to secure them. This should be done immediately to avoid further damage to the home or injury from falling gutters.

Now is the perfect time to wrap up the last of your winter home maintenance. As spring slides in from around the corner, you will be ready and waiting to enjoy it!

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Written by: Erika Mehlhaff